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Why Watermark?

Adding watermarks to photos before sharing them, especially in the context of pre-contractual discussions or prior to the sale of an image, is an essential practice in the realm of digital photography and image rights management. This process serves as a safeguard against unauthorized use or distribution of your work. In the digital age, where images can be rapidly copied and disseminated across the internet, a watermark acts as a visible claim of ownership, subtly reminding viewers that the image is the intellectual property of the creator.

It is particularly crucial for photographers and artists, as it helps protect their creations from being used without proper attribution or compensation. Watermarks can also serve as a marketing tool, as they keep the creator's name or brand associated with the image as it circulates. This is especially important in the negotiation phase of a contract or sale, as it establishes a professional standard and clearly communicates that the image is a valuable asset, not merely a freely available resource. In essence, watermarking is a blend of protection, promotion, and professionalism, ensuring that the creator's rights and interests are guarded while their work is being evaluated by potential buyers or contractual partners.