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Surprise! Building A Home Is Now Cheaper Than Buying An Existing House In 2023

Why buy someone else’s idea of a home when you can have one built for you with your needs in mind? Most homes in the U.S. are over 30 years old. Some are over a century old, and prices are still appreciating in coastal states like Florida and California. The cost of maintaining and upgrading […]

Why Moving Companies Are Left Over Mafia Relics And What You Must Do To Protect Your Wallet From Them

Car dealerships are usually at the top of every news outlet’s list of predatory companies the American population voted as the most dishonest and at times they deserve this moniker but if people hired moving companies as often as they buy cars, they would easily put moving companies at the top of everyone’s list of […]

Quickly Raise Your Home’s Value By Upgrading The First Thing Buyers See

We’ve all heard that kitchens and bathrooms are places within a home you should zero in for upgrades. A number of fixer-upper shows on TV push the narrative that to sell a home fast, you need to spend thousands of dollars on these upgrades. Ranging from $10k to 80k depending on your square footage and […]