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Hey there, all you hardworking folks trapped in the 9-to-5 grind! Have you ever wondered if our ancestors also drudged through a 40-hour workweek? Riles from TikTok has a little reality check for us. Spoiler alert: they did not.

So, get ready for a mind melt. Our cave-dwelling forefathers and mothers were out here living their best lives with approximately a ‘4-hour workday’, according to anthropologist Marshall Sahlins, and as humorously explained by Riles. No bosses breathing down their necks, no TPS reports due, no traffic jams – unless you count a herd of mammoths!

Riles quips: “They were not clocking in and clocking out when the boss said.” There was no rush-hour commute, no Starbucks pit stops – just picking the right berries and stalking the occasional wildebeest.

The best part? Most of their work was interesting! As Riles highlights, “And most of that was actually pretty interesting skilled labor.” No more zoning out in Zoom meetings, our ancestors were out there, leveling up their survival skills.


Our current nonsense world is pretty new in the big scheme of things. I vote for a redo. #FutureOfWork #PostCapitalism #ImagineTheFuture #WorkersRights #AntiWork

♬ original sound – Riles (they/them)

But wait, there’s more! Despite our fancy gadgets and endless productivity apps, Riles hits us with a gut punch: “We aren’t doing a lot less work than people used to.” Whoops, seems like Evolution pulled a fast one on us!

And in classic TikTok fashion, Riles rounds it all off with a hearty: “False lies! Get out of here. Next!” Guess it’s time for us to reconsider this whole ‘civilized’ working gig, huh?

So, next time you’re glued to your office chair, just remember – somewhere in the past, a caveman is laughing at your 40-hour work week while munching on a hand-picked berry!

Credit where credit’s due – follow @RilesLoveYall on TikTok for more funny and thought-provoking content!