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Why Creating A Micro Business Is Better Than Starting A Small Business

In most cases, a failed small business is really a profitable micro business. It’s all about how much time and resources you put into it. According to the Small Business Association, A micro business, also known as a micro-enterprise, is a small business that typically has fewer than five employees and generates less than $50,000 […]

The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship: How to Make a Difference and a Profit

The rise of social entrepreneurship has been a defining trend of the past decade. More and more millennials are seeking ways to make a positive impact on the world while also pursuing financial success. This movement has given rise to a new generation of businesses that prioritize social and environmental responsibility alongside profitability. Social entrepreneurship […]

An Entrepreneur’s Journey As A Therapist And “Momager”

Sometimes entrepreneurs are molded by their experiences in life. It’s not always wished for, but one must stay sane in one’s surroundings. Amy S. Horne understands why she chose to be a private practice therapist as well as a manager in her son’s modeling and acting career. When asked about her journey, Amy has a […]