I Make $800 A Week Driving The Same 4 Riders A Day Without Using Uber or Lyft

I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t plan for this. This rideshare business literally fell into my lap. “Literally”. I usually drive for Uber Monday through Friday, but I would get requests from my riders to go outside of the app and pick them up from time to time. Mostly to take them to and from their 9 to 5 jobs. At first, I was hesitant because of my perception of Uber’s strict policy on soliciting riders for rides outside of the app.

Uber said that the riders are not their customers. Their drivers are.

Julius Mapath

A news article about how Uber circumvented paying its drivers a minimum wage changed my mind. In California, Uber told a court that the only customer Uber has are their drivers, not the riders that use the Uber app. Uber said that the riders are not their customer. They only supply riders to their customer base, the drivers.

I drove for Uber for over 2 years before I finally gave in to the temptation of taking on a customer outside of the app. Actually, a customer prodded me into it by dropping a business card on my lap and said, “Hey, you seem like an upstanding guy, can I pay you to drive me from Orlando to Tampa and back once a month, I have a business where I have monthly face to face meetings and I would love to give you the business of driving me there.”

My first inclination was to say no, but he told me that Uber charges his company $120 for the one-way ride, once he’s there, he may be stuck there for hours waiting for a freed-up Uber driver who is willing to drive him back to Orlando. During rush hour, it can charge him up to $200. He said, “Look, I have epilepsy and I can’t do the drive on my own. I’ll give you $300 if you can drive me there, wait for my meeting to end then drive me back.”

I said yes so quickly that I didn’t give myself time to process what he was asking of me. Drive 2 hours to another city, wait possibly 2 hours for his meeting to finish, and then, drive him back another 2 hours. I did a quick calculation in my head. I will make $40 an hour even when I subtract the cost of gas to get to Tampa and back. I stuck with the “YES”.

Right after I said yes, my rider added, “Hopefully, you take credit cards because that’s the only way I can have my company approve the ride and reimburse me.” Luckily, I have other businesses that I run so I was able to take his card. 3 months later, my rider sold his business.

That was $300 for one day of driving I no longer was making and I sort of missed it. I wondered how could I make that kind of money on a regular basis making $40+ an hour driving.

Then came Marsha. I picked her up one morning and on the way to drop her off at her nursing job, she told me that the ride cost her $26. The Uber app informed me it was paying me $12.85 for the ride. That’s less than half the amount! Immediately, I told her that I would pick her up in the morning and when her shift was over. Not only will I charge a little less but if she rode with me 4 days a week, the 5th day to work and back would be free. She enthusiastically accepted!

I charged her $24 each way Monday through Thursday and on Friday, I drove her to and from work for free. With time, I picked up 3 more riders ranging from $16 to $36 each way. Two of them ride together. Everyone I accepted, worked with my route for passenger pick-ups and each one had to accept being picked up and dropped off Monday through Thursday at the least.

Because I only pick up a few riders in the morning and later on in the afternoon, I have several hours to myself in the middle of the day where I go to the gym, shop, visit friends, and watch over my other businesses. I also developed a website for my riders so they can confirm their rides, add any additional pick-ups and drop-offs or cancel. I also accept a few rides through my website that works like an app, but so far I’ve been keeping it pretty light. I can accept or deny anything that shows up as an available ride through my website/app and I can take credit/debit cards, Venmo and Cash App.

My accounting app takes care of my taxes. I pay an extra $15 a month for Rideshare insurance and I’m working on getting a TNC license to pick up clients “legally” from the airport with my city and state. Federal tax write-offs for a rideshare business are very generous. I can write off 59 cents a mile, which means my taxes are very low to run this rideshare business.

Armand Lucas

Serial entrepreneur and writer for Millennial Entrepreneur, RelyOnPros, NY Style Magazine and HomeRestored.com

The love of what I do helped me overcome my fear of failure. Understanding why my family struggled set me free.

The Susel Numa Interview,

What motivated you to become an entrepreneur?

It’s where I come from. My experiences throughout my life. When I was little in Cuba my parents use to make croquettes in our house and sell it to people around our neighborhood. When I became a little older, my dad won a lottery in Cuba that provided him with a one-way ticket to anywhere in the USA but my mom and I had to stay behind and sell croquettes while my father worked day and night in Georgia. He slept at bus stops so he could save money to bring us to the states. It was so difficult for me to understand at the time why we had to be so far away from each other but as I grew, I started to understand all of the hardships that my parents went through in order to provide and survive in this country.

My mother worked in restaurants, factories & numerous cleaning jobs just to make ends meet. I saw the struggle my parents had to go through working for others, being underpaid and unappreciated, as well as being replaceable. It gave me fuel to want more in my life than just a 9 to 5 job.

What did you find difficult about getting started?

What I found the most difficult about getting started was not knowing where I wanted to do at first. When I was in high school, I was in Drama activities and in choir so makeup was always needed when we had shows or competitions. I was in love with makeup at a very early age but my parents did not let me wear it till I turned 15.

By the time I turned 15 I had watched so many Youtube makeup tutorials that I knew every step to create a flawless face. I started doing my makeup every day for school and all the girls there wanted to get their makeup done by me. I also began to post on Instagram with the looks I would create for myself. Although I did not see it as a career choice at the time. I saw it as a hobby. I never thought I could make a career out of it.

When I graduated from high school, I took a year off before deciding if I wanted to go to college or not because I didn’t know What I wanted. All I knew was I really loved doing makeup. A lot of people didn’t believe in my dream and told me that being a makeup artist wasn’t a good career choice.

That year was the worst. I was working at Mcdonald’s and I became depressed because everyone was in college and I wasn’t.

Once the year ended, I started Beauty School that January. I took action and just went for what I wanted instead of doubting myself. When I enrolled I was told that I would need to obtain my skincare specialist license in order to attend makeup class. At first, I wasn’t happy about it but when I took the class I was surprised to find out that I had a bigger passion for it that I never knew I had.

Skincare opened up my eyes to a world of endless possibilities. I remember going to work from 9 AM – 5 PM and then going to beauty school from 5:30 PM – 11 PM every day and with no car, but deep in my heart I knew all my struggles would pay off and one day I would look back at those moments and be grateful. Without those experiences I wouldn’t be the person I am today and Divine Beauty SS wouldn’t exist.

There are 3 main stumbling blocks for entrepreneurs: funding, partnerships, and motivation. Which one was lacking or the most challenging for you?

The most challenging aspect for me were funding & motivation. When I graduated and obtained my license I was living without my parents for the first time at 18 years old with my spouse. I went through certain financial struggles that made the process of getting the equipment I needed and my overall plan harder to set in motion.

I still had to work in order to make ends meet. Sometimes life got in the way, making it hard to see the bigger picture. All of this played a major role in my lack of motivation to just create and put myself out there to gain clients. I felt like I did not have the potential and my doubts held me back. But I knew through my parent’s struggles that the more you create and put yourself out there the more partnerships and opportunities come your way.

Looking back, how much do you believe your success is owed to luck and how much is due to hard work, percentage-wise?

I believe in luck but definitely feel like my success is owed 100% to faith and hard work. You work hard when you are doing something that you really don’t want to do but you know it will fund your future business.

When you learn how to build websites, manage SEOs, and create content and ads for your social media platforms, you spend endless nights going hard planning every detail on how you are going to make your business thrive. I believe luck, faith and hard work will get you to where you want to be.

Aren’t you afraid of the competition in your field?

I always think outside of the box to differentiate myself from my competition. Even if my competition has something similar, it’s the details and quality as well as the experience you present to your clients that count more than anything else. I take my time in getting to know all my clients and create a custom experience for their specific needs.

Was there anything in your childhood that motivated you to do what you are doing now?

My mother used to do her makeup in front of me & always made skincare remedies at home. It was one of my favorite things to do with my mom. I loved it! That was our bonding time. Just that memory on its own makes me want to offer that to others so they can not only improve their skin but create a bond with me while getting a facial.

My Father also played a role in the career I have today he would always grow plants & use them for home remedies. This really opened up my eyes and made me realize that nature is something we all should take care of and learn to use for our health all around.

When did you realize you hit your stride? In other words, when did you become comfortable with what you were doing?

I realized that I could communicate effectively and provide skincare services that gave instant results. I started seeing before & after pictures of my work and it gave me an instant boost of confidence to go out there and work independently.

How long do you think you have in this business?

5 Years

Do you feel comfortable with where you’re at now with your business?

I am happy where I am right now with my business but I am still working on expanding. I am always adding to my knowledge base so I can offer more in my business. Even if I am happy with where I am there is always room for growth.

What differences are you making in the business? Affordability, streamlining or legacy?

The difference I am making in my business is the quality, honesty, and time that is being provided to clients. At other spas, you will get treated very quickly and most of the times, you won’t get the best quality available now when it comes to skincare products and advanced machines. At my company, Divine Beauty SS, I provide top quality skincare products that have high-grade ingredients. All skincare machines are top quality and I always give my clients my undivided attention so that we can acknowledge all of their skin concerns and customize the best facial and at-home regimen for them to achieve their own skin goals.

If you don’t mind saying, who’s your main competition and what can you offer that they can’t?

I don’t want to say the name of my competition but what I can offer is real quality skincare and 100% relaxation that will keep clients coming back to learn more about their skin health. I guide my clients and teach them the importance of self care. I am not just in it for the money I am in it to teach that self-care is self-love.

Everyone feels like giving up at some point to find a “regular job”. What kept you going when you hit that wall and what did the wall look like?

I had plenty of times when I hit that wall and felt like I needed a regular job again. I even went back and got a job a few times. All I can say is when you feel that way, just think logically depending on your financial situation. If you don’t have enough money to start or build up your business and feel like you should go back to a regular job, always have an estimated time for being at that job. Estimate the amount of money you want to save in that time, that way, you will be able to leave on your own timeline and make your goals flourish. The last thing you want to do is go back to working a regular job with no goals in mind because then you become a slave to someone else’s routine. At that point, you are living to survive, not to live. It becomes so hard to leave a regular job when you don’t have a financial goal.

Some analysts say what you do as a business has a short lifespan. Do you agree?

I certainly agree. Keeping a business afloat, especially through difficult economic times is very challenging. Sometimes you do have to step back and create strategies that will keep the quality but cut out the waste in your business. Even if something was doing really well before, there might come a time when it might not do as well and as a business owner, you will have to figure out whether that particular service is worth providing. You may have to change things up a little bit to make it more sustainable.

If you can do anything else in business, what would it be?

I would like to have a business where I can teach others how to create a business plan and provide information on how to market their business through online resources. In the meantime I am currently working on an online course called Get Makeup Savy which will launch in December. This course will teach you how to create flawless looks as well as teach you all the ways that you can make money with makeup. So for anyone looking to start a side hustle, this is the course for you!

We love to ask this question to help others know what keeps other entrepreneurs organized. What’s your favorite organizing app?

My favorite organizing app is Vagaro Pro. Its great for booking clients, build your website and take payments all in one place.

Olivia Salinas

Journalist and writer for NY Style and Millennial Entrepreneur Magazines covering music, modeling and the fashion industry.

Traveling Around The World Throughout The Year is Cheaper Than Living in The U.S.

Traveling the world for a year is a dream that many people have, but they often think it’s too expensive to achieve. However, with careful planning, it’s possible to live a cheaper and more fulfilling lifestyle on the road than living in the United States. In this post, we will explore some affordable and fascinating destinations around the world, including Split, Croatia, Florence, Italy, Saranda, Albania, Cuenca, Ecuador, and Mexico City, Mexico. We will also provide some traveling tips on how to save money and how to travel with pets.

The Costs of Living in the United States

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average cost of living in the United States is $56,000 per year. This figure includes expenses such as housing, food, healthcare, transportation, and entertainment. While living in the US can be comfortable, it can also be challenging to save money or live a life of adventure due to the high costs. This is where traveling around the world for a year can be a more affordable and exciting option.

Affordable Destinations Around the World

Split Croatia was the ancestral home of the Roman Emperor Diocletianus where he retired.

Split, Croatia

Split is a beautiful coastal city in Croatia that offers a Mediterranean climate, stunning architecture, and a rich history. You can enjoy delicious seafood, explore the ancient Diocletian’s Palace, or go hiking in the nearby mountains. Split is also an affordable destination, where you can find apartments for rent for as little as $400 per month.

A gorgeous view of Florence, Italy from a luxurious $ 1,300-a-month (US) rental with all the amenities that include a 2 story apartment, full kitchen, dishwasher, clothes washer & dryer, multiple flat screens, and WiFi access.

Florence, Italy

Florence is a cultural hub of Italy, famous for its art, architecture, and cuisine. This city has something for everyone, from museums and cathedrals to shopping and nightlife. Despite being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, Florence can still be a budget-friendly place to visit. You can find charming apartments for as little as $700 per month.

The Seaside port of Saranda, Albania where a 2-story penthouse overlooking the water with every amenity, including a clothes washer and dryer for $1,300 a month (US)
A luxurious furnished apartment in Saranda, Albania with a wrap around balcony, fireplace, full kitchen with dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer and Wi-Fi for $1,100 a month.

Saranda, Albania

Saranda is a picturesque seaside town in Albania, located on the Ionian Sea. It is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and excellent seafood. You can also visit the ancient ruins of Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, just a short drive from Saranda. The cost of living in Saranda is low, and you can rent an apartment for as little as $300 per month.

The new Tram of Cuenca, Ecuador in the Central Business District where the going rate for a luxurious apartment for rent with 3 bedrooms with a private sauna overlooking a balcony is around $900 per month (US)

Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca is a charming colonial city in Ecuador that is known for its stunning architecture, colorful markets, and warm climate. You can explore the many museums, cathedrals, and parks or take a trip to the nearby Cajas National Park for some outdoor adventures. Cuenca is also one of the most affordable places to live in South America, with apartments available for rent for as little as $250 per month.

Mexico City is pricey for most residents of Mexico but the Central Business District is safe and bikeable. Every American high-end chain restaurant is available and Bosque de Chapultepec Park is bigger than New York Central Park and is considerably safer.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is a bustling metropolis that has something for everyone, from street food and art to history and architecture. You can explore the many museums, visit the famous pyramids of Teotihuacan, or enjoy a night out at one of the many clubs and bars. Despite being a major city, Mexico City can still be affordable, with apartments for rent for as little as $500 per month.

Traveling Tips to Save Money

Here are some tips on how to save money while traveling:

  1. Use budget airlines to save money on flights if you are flying year round to multiple destinations.
  2. Get medical emergency insurance. Great coverage is minimal at $45 to $95 per month if you are traveling outside of the US and Canada.
  3. Cook some of your meals instead of eating out all the time. Most grocery stores around the world carry the same comparable products found in US stores on their shelves at meager prices.
  4. Stay in affordable accommodations, such as hostels or mid-level comfort apartments if you are on a very tight budget of less than $1,000 a month. Still, you can live a luxurious life abroad for around $2,500 a month for 2 which includes luxury homes and apartment rentals, high-end car rentals, and top-of-the-line restaurants on a daily basis.
  5. Use public transportation instead of taxis or renting a car. Some cities have new trams and other public transportation for literal pennies. The world has not only caught up with American standards when it comes to public transportation, in most cases, it has vastly surpassed the US because a larger portion of their population use it daily.
  6. Negotiate prices with vendors or Airbnb apartment owners, especially if you plan to stay longer than the minimum stay requirement.
  7. You can travel with your small dogs of 35 pounds or less. Most airlines and Airbnb hosts allow small dogs and sometimes cats. Each city listed here are dog friendly locations where small dogs are welcomed at outdoor Cafe’s and certain museums.

Look for my coverage about traveling in safe and beautiful places within Asia and Africa in upcoming articles.

Armand Lucas

Serial entrepreneur and writer for Millennial Entrepreneur, RelyOnPros, NY Style Magazine and HomeRestored.com

An Entrepreneur’s Journey As A Therapist And “Momager”

Sometimes entrepreneurs are molded by their experiences in life. It’s not always wished for, but one must stay sane in one’s surroundings. Amy S. Horne understands why she chose to be a private practice therapist as well as a manager in her son’s modeling and acting career.


When asked about her journey, Amy has a direct response. “I feel that my experiences make me the perfect therapist because I’ve lived through abuse, spouse addictions, military life, one horrible divorce and death, as well as a somewhat friendly divorce”. I think my family was speechless at that moment because no one said anything. So I took their doubt and shoved it where it belonged.”

When we requested an interview with Amy, she was honest and open about her struggles and triumphs as an entrepreneur who picked up the pieces and forged a life of giving to her patients and family.

What motivated you into starting a private practice and becoming a manager in your son’s career? – When I was married to a Military officer(Cole’s Dad), I was asked to talk with soldiers and their families as a family readiness leader, and I kept dealing with suicidal soldiers and helping with marriages. My ex-husband’s Lt. Colonel said I should become a licensed therapist because he felt I had a gift. So I went back to school with two young boys (Cole’s brother Cory is 8 years older) and continued that journey through a divorce, double breast surgery, shoulder surgery, and lots of late-night studying while working full time.

Cole became a Model and started Acting classes with Scott David, I realized I needed to learn the ropes as a Momager quickly to make good decisions for his career. The juggling began and the balancing act had been difficult at times running my practice and running the roads with Cole.

What did you find difficult about getting started? – The hardest part about starting my business and helping Cole with his, was the courage to do it! The fear of failure is real, with the voices of others speaking doubt and putting their fears into me. My courage had to be bigger than those fears of failure. I had a family member who once said to me, “I think you’re going into the wrong field, how can you help marriages when you’ve divorced twice?” I thought for a minute and responded, “when drugs and alcohol became my first husband’s bondage, I couldn’t protect my son and myself from his impulsive spending, gambling, intoxicated anger with emotional, verbal, and physical abuse. While I loved him, he refused to work on his addictions and protecting me and Cory had to be my priority.

My second husband came home from deployment and decided he never loved me the way he should have and left when Cole was 5 but we remained friends. My current husband has always been my best friend and he encouraged me through my practicums, internships, and to go from clinical mental health to open my own Psychotherapy private practice and I’ve been thriving ever sense!

When Cole began his career, I got similar familial doubt constantly but with the help of designers and directors like the owners of Avenue X, Bena Klier Bouler (House of LaRue designer) and her husband Julius Bouler (CheqMate designer), who both took us under their wings to teach us the business and how to navigate intelligently in the modeling world.

Designer Venancio Tadeo became like family, then we began working with these insanely talented photographers, Eugene Manning, Michael Todd Burton, Greg Bailey, Murphy photography, Marlon Griffith, Galen Draper, Bobbie Bryant and so many more amazing photographers, I can’t name them all! Charlotte has some incredible talent!

There are 3 main stumbling blocks for entrepreneurs: funding, partnerships, and motivation. Which one was lacking or the most challenging for you? – FINANCES we’re the hardest part!!! I had THE BEST mentors and special people helping us navigate, both for my business and Cole’s. I was never lacking motivation for either. My husband, Will was so helpful with my company start-up, helping me figure out finances, marketing, and how to get it started. I literally needed faith to leap into it, not knowing if I could get enough patients to stay afloat financially. Getting on Psychology Today helped me the most, with getting patients. Paying thousands of dollars per year for continuing education courses and licensing fees.

Aren’t you afraid of competition in both of your pursuits? – No! I strongly believe what is meant for me will be mine and what is meant for you will be yours. No one is competing against each other, we are competing against ourselves. Take Acting, a movie role character is in the mind of the writers and directors. Then the chemistry between actors is important also. Cole was chosen by Author EJ Dales to portray John BarFly in his book series Forbidden Shadows because Cole fit that character in look and personality. It was meant for him. No one else will get what is meant for you.

What differences are you making in your therapy practice? – I’m taking insurance, which decreases my income significantly but helps patients afford therapy. Mental health doesn’t pay as well as medical, yet most medical issues would decrease if more people got mental help because most ailments stem from mental health affecting the body and mind. I’ve educated, licensed, and credentialed myself in many interventions and therapeutic techniques to have the ability to work with most mental health needs. I do lots of trauma work. My husband says I have the alphabet behind my name. I do EMDR, TF-CBT, CBT, Gottman couples therapy, NET, and many other intervention techniques.

Would you rather be bigger or faster in your profession? – Bigger for my private practice and how many I can reach. I would love to grow into a group practice. I want to be faster for Cole’s career so that I can trust in his ability to grow and succeed on his own. Faster for my oldest son, so he can transition from military to civilian life with stable finances and a career, the same as his baby brother Cole. I need to know they’re good.

Everyone feels like giving up at some point to find a “regular job”. What kept you going when you hit that wall and what did the wall look like? – I hit so many financial and emotional walls that had me wanting to throw in the towel! Every time I thought about giving up, I remembered those I’d helped so I wouldn’t quit. The suicidal soldiers that have moved on to amazing lives with spouses and children, marriages that have thrived, and psychosis that stabilized. This kept me going.

Anything you would like to add? – I love life and I want everyone to learn how to find joy! I want those struggling with suicidal thoughts to know, the difficult times are momentary and will pass, so stop focusing on the bad and start focusing on what CAN be done in that moment. 988 is the mental health emergency number and it’s available 24/7. Love yourself first, it’s not selfish.

Olivia Salinas

Journalist and writer for NY Style and Millennial Entrepreneur Magazines covering music, modeling and the fashion industry.

30 Fast Side Hustles That Can Pay Next Month’s Rent With Little to No Investment

Never put yourself in debt by starting a business! Create a side hustle that can pay the rent and quickly get you on the road to stability and possible growth. Take it from someone who has created businesses for over 20 years, starting a business can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have a lot of money to invest. However, it is possible to start a successful business with little to no upfront costs. In this article, we will explore 30 micro business ideas that you can start with little to no money.

For a definition, a micro business is just a steady and long-term form of a side hustle. From social media management to personal styling services, these ideas are perfect for entrepreneurs looking to break into the business world without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for a full-time venture or a side hustle, these micro business ideas are a great place to start.

Your Own Rideshare Business: (Up to $250 Per Day) Uber and Lyft aren’t the only game in town, you can join or start your own rideshare business with your own vehicle and personal app for free. Getting customers is easy because you are surrounded by them! Offer incentives that Uber and Lyft don’t offer like “Every 5th ride is free for regular customers” and you’ll have enough customers to make over $1k a week in just a few days. You can charge your riders at pickup using Venmo, Cash App, Zelle or even cash. My app allowed me to have the trip prepaid but I found that my regulars were older and love the idea of paying at pickup. Customers will know how much their rides will cost from the app before they choose the time and location of their pickup.

Once I realized that Uber – starting in 2022 – paid drivers 50% or less of the Uber rider’s fee. I knew it was time to get into the market and start my own rideshare business. Uber drivers were picking up customers who were charged $25 by Uber and were only receiving $12 of that fee. I realized that if I found just 4 customers who I charged $25 each way to and from work for 5 days, I would make $800 a week even when I added the incentive of one free day for weekly riders. Picking my customers up in the morning and dropping them off in the late afternoon left me with the middle of the day open for the gym, a nap, and other errands others try to do after a full day of work.

Personal chef/meal prep services: (Up To $165 Per Day) You only need four clients to make $600 a month! This is one of my favorite microbusinesses for “gym rats” to start, but I’m amazed at how few people actually do it since finding customers happens to be way too easy! If you have experience in the culinary industry and/or enjoy cooking, you can start a personal chef or meal prep business with minimal upfront costs. Charge $5 to $7.50 per meal for 30 days and you’ll make $150 or more per person. This is way less money for your clients than what they can get delivered to them through HelloFresh, Blue Apron or any other food prep delivery service, which charge on average $12 or more per meal with delivery, and with these platforms, they would still have to cook the meal instead of warming it up! Cook in bulk for four at a time, and you can keep the cost down to less than $2 per meal. You may need to purchase some basic kitchen equipment, such as pots, pans, utensils, and, of course, food, but these items are inexpensive (even with today’s food prices). You can let people know about your services through social media, word of mouth, or by handing out flyers and business cards at your local gym. Have your friends try meals for free and watch them make orders on the spot. Almost everyone who works out and watch their dietary intake hate to prep their meals even though they know they should do it.

Personal shopping/errand running: (Up To $175 Per Day) Doordash, UberEats, and Instacart are saturated with drivers, but if you have 3 hours a day to spare, you can still make $1,200 in a month driving for them, even in saturated areas. Go one step beyond and deliver groceries and place them in the refrigerator and cabinets yourself with your own delivery service. You’ll have several customers sign up in a matter of days because ice cream melts in the sun when groceries are just dumped at the front door. If you have a reliable car and some spare time, you can start a personal shopping/errand-running business with little to no money. Charge a percentage of the grocery price or have a minimum price for one or more items. You can let people know about your services on social media, or have an online landing page made for you in minutes to sign people up in your area or have a personalized app created for you that can beat what Instacart and other platforms offer. This can be more beneficial to you and your customers’ pockets.

Virtual assistant services: (Up To $225 Per Day) As a virtual assistant, you can provide a variety of services, such as scheduling, email management, and data entry to clients remotely. The $225 per day rating is based on you handling several clients. Provide an affordable service by the day or hour. Automate your work load by using programs like AnyWord that can write emails, proposals, blogs and ads automatically with very few directions from you. You can also Subcontract tedious work to online platforms. This will free you up to tackle time-sensitive matters for your clients. Start this business with little to no money by using a computer and internet connection that you already have and finding clients by advertising locally for only $0.39 cents per day or by networking with other small business owners. You can charge a ridiculously low price of $8 to $10 a day for a list of services, and with 15 clients, you’ll make $4,000 a month or more.

Dog walking/pet sitting business: (Up To $145 Per Day). Ok, This one surprised me more than any microbusiness on the list! After interviewing dog walkers in different neighborhoods, I found out that some of them are making up to $900 a week, part-time! You can start a dog-walking or pet-sitting business for very little money. Believe it or not, it’s not just for upscale neighborhoods. There are not enough dog walkers to go around. Period.

Platforms like Wag and Rover are constantly giving out incentives to keep dog walkers on their platforms because so many acquire their own clients after just a few months of using the app. You may need to invest in a few supplies, such as a leash, dog bags, and a water bottle, but these items can be purchased for a low cost. Social media, word of mouth, business cards, and dog-walking platforms like Wag are great ways to get started.

Social media management: (Up To $425 Per Day) If you have experience with social media and a passion for helping businesses improve their online presence, you can start a social media management business with little to no money. You can use free tools such as Hootsuite and Canva to manage and create content for your client’s social media accounts, or you can have a professional create and run the business for you for a few dollars a month.

Graphic design: (Up To $400 Per Day) As a graphic designer, you can create visual content such as logos, websites, and marketing materials for clients. You can start this business with little to no money by using free design software such as Canva or Inkscape. I personally use a platform to subcontract the jobs I receive. Finding clients through advertising online for only $0.39 cents per day or by networking with small businesses in your area is so 1990s. Show off your work on social media and offer it at phenomenally low prices in the beginning, then gradually raise them once you can no longer take on any more customers.

Freelance writing/editing: (Up To $1,200 Per Day) I know! $1,200 per day sounds incredibly suspect, but writing for blogs, advertisers, and others happens to be the most profitable business on this list. If you have a passion for writing and editing, you can start a freelance business with little to no money. You can pretty much use your phone or a computer with an internet connection that you already have. Use free grammar-correcting software like Grammarly. Also, programs like Anyword (which I find to be better than ChatGPT) can pretty much write a blog post or an ad for you when you give it an outline of what you are looking for when it comes to content. Just add your own color comments, and you’re done in just a few minutes. Finding writing and editing work is easy because everyone needs something written or rewritten. Online job platforms can help you find work quickly, but you should also be able to reach out to small businesses and bloggers in need of content.

House cleaning: (Up To $170 Per Day) You can start a house cleaning business with minimal upfront costs by investing in cleaning supplies such as a vacuum, mop, and cleaning products, which can be purchased for a low cost. As a consultant for micro businesses, I’ve seen people start one month, and the next month, they are totally booked by crafting social media posts for after-party and event clean-up services, as well as disaster clean-ups.

Lawn care: (Up To $280 Per Day) To start a lawn care business, you may need to invest in some equipment such as a lawn mower, edger, and leaf blower, but these items can be purchased or rented for a low cost. Offer scaled prices to attract customers who find professional yard work too expensive. You can advertise your services on social media, but word of mouth about your great starting price will get you the customers you’re looking for very quickly.

Event planning: (Up To $300 Per Day) If you have a passion for event planning and an eye for detail, you can start an event planning business with little to no money. You can use a computer and internet connection that you already have to research vendors, create event timelines, and communicate with clients. You can find event planning work by networking with small businesses and individuals in your community or by creating a profile on an online platform such as Eventbrite. Don’t forget to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. Also, you can advertise your event planning business locally for just $0.39 cents a day.

Handyman/handywoman services: (Up To $600 Per Day!) If you have experience with home repairs and maintenance, you can start a handyman/handywoman business with minimal upfront costs. You may need to invest in some basic tools such as a drill, screwdriver set, and hammer, but these items can be purchased for a low cost. You can advertise your services on social media. For some reason, Facebook, not Instagram, is the best social media tool to reach customers. Start of by spending the least amount with direct advertising. In this business, word of mouth is king, and it will have a much greater impact than distributing flyers in your local community.

Tutoring: (Up To $180 Per Day) If you have expertise in a particular subject or are skilled at teaching, you can start a tutoring business with little to no money. You can use a computer and internet connection that you already have to offer online tutoring services or you can meet with students in person at a location convenient for both of you. You can find tutoring work by networking with parents and students in your community or by creating a profile on an online tutoring platform.

Online tutoring/teaching: (Up To $220 Per Day) This is the perfect business for traveling nomads. If you have a passion for teaching and are comfortable using video conferencing software, you can start an online tutoring or teaching business with little to no money. You can use a computer and internet connection that you already have to offer your services and find work on online tutoring platforms or by networking with schools and educational institutions. If you want to join a platform that already offers these services, look at Skooli, Wyzant, eTutorWorld, TutorMe, Tutor.com, SmartThinking, Club Z and Revolution Prep. Some pay as much as $20 to $40 an hour.

Website design: (Up To $480 Per Day) If you have experience with web design and development, you can start a website design business with little to no money. You can use free design and development software such as WordPress and GitHub to create websites for clients or better yet use a platform that makes websites for you in less than 2 minutes and find work on online platforms or by advertising directly to small businesses for a few pennies a day in need of a website.

Blogging: (Up To $650 Per Day) If you have a passion for writing and a particular subject matter, you can start a blog with little to no money. You can use a free blogging platform such as WordPress or Blogger to create your blog and monetize it through advertising, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. In the beginning, Google Ads and other similar platforms won’t make you a lot of money until you have thousands of people reading your blog. It’s better to use affiliate marketing where you can make a significant amount of money per referral while having just a few visitors to your blog site. If You are not familiar with blogging and would like to learn at your own pace, try starting here.

Social media consulting: (Up To $175 Per Day) If you have experience with social media and a passion for helping businesses improve their online presence, you can start a social media consulting business with little to no money. You can use a computer and internet connection that you already have to offer your services. I definitely recommend using a platform where you can hire graphic artists that specialize in social media advertisement and find work through networking with small businesses or by creating a profile on a consulting platform.

Personal training/fitness coaching: (Up To $240 Per Day) If you have experience in the fitness industry and are comfortable working with clients in a one-on-one setting, you can start a personal training or fitness coaching business with little to no money. You can use a local park or gym to train clients and advertise your services on social media, through word of mouth, or by distributing flyers in your local community.

Personal styling/wardrobe consulting: (Up To $225 Per Day) If you have a passion for fashion and enjoy helping others curate their wardrobe, you can start a personal styling or wardrobe consulting business with little to no money. You can use a computer and internet connection that you already have to research trends, communicate with clients, and create mood boards. You can find styling work by networking with individuals in your community or by creating a profile on a styling platform.

Photography: (Up To $450 Per Day) Think outside of the box and you will have a calendar filled with clients. If you have a passion for photography and a good eye for composition, you can start a photography business with little to no money. OFFER YOUR IMAGES FOR FREE using platforms like Unsplash and invite potential clients who download your work to join your Patreon membership (for a set price) to download more intricate photos or get deep discounts on your photography services. You can use a camera and editing software that you already have to offer your services. Make sure to offer extra services like album covers, movie and video posters, and social media influencer packages.

Online courses/workshops: (Up To $350 Per Day) This is by far one of the most lucrative micro businesses you can run. If you have expertise in a particular subject or skill, you can create and sell online courses or workshops with little to no money. You can use a computer and internet connection that you already have to create and deliver your course content and find students through your own marketing efforts or by creating a profile on an online course platform.

Resume writing: (Up To $160 Per Day) If you have experience in career development and are skilled at crafting effective resumes, you can start a resume-writing business with little to no money. You can use a computer and internet connection that you already have to offer your services and find work through networking with job seekers or by creating a profile on a job search platform.

Translation services: (Up To $145 Per Day) If you are fluent in multiple languages, you can start a translation business with little to no money. You can use a computer and internet connection that you already have to offer your services and find work through networking with small businesses or by creating a profile on a translation platform.

Detailed vehicle cleaning to washing

Car detailing: (Up To $400 Per Day) If you have experience with car maintenance and enjoy working with your hands, you can start a car detailing business with minimal upfront costs. You may need to invest in some supplies such as car wax, polish, and cleaning products, but these items can be purchased for a low cost. My neighborhood detailer started off by detailing just one car a week. With permission, she took “before and after” photos of the interior and exterior of the vehicle and loaded them up on Instagram. Now, I have to set up an appointment to drop off my car at her pop-up shop for specialized detailing.

Mobile hair/nail services: (Up To $420 Per Day) If you are a licensed cosmetologist, WHY ARE YOU PAYING FOR A CHAIR AT A SHOP? You can start a mobile hair or nail services business with little to no money and make more in 3 days than most executives make all week. Mobile barbers, hair stylists and nail specialists can handle 1 to 4 clients at a home and charge a higher mobile fee than a salon. You can use the tools and products that you already have to offer your services and find work by networking through social media or by advertising locally for just $0.39 cents a day through our online and print magazines with a reach of 400k subscribers.

Lawn To Garden: (Up To $165 Per Day) This is another one that can be very profitable if you think outside of the box. If you have a green thumb and enjoy working outdoors, you can start a gardening or landscaping business with minimal upfront costs. There’s more you can do than just maintaining manicured yards. You can teach gardening techniques along with building miniature greenhouses for apartments and small homes. You may need to invest in some basic equipment such as gloves, a shovel, and a wheelbarrow, but these items can be purchased for a low cost. You can advertise your services on social media, through word of mouth, or advertise online for just $0.39 cents per day in your local community.

Food delivery: (Up To $200 Per Day) If you have a reliable car and are comfortable driving, you can start a food delivery business with little to no money. You can sign up to be a driver for a food delivery platform such as Grubhub or Uber Eats and use your own car to make deliveries. You can also create a delivery service with your very own app for a few dollars more and recruit other delivery drivers to join you.

Furniture refinishing: (Up To $275 Per Day) If you have experience with woodworking and enjoy restoring old furniture, you can start a furniture refinishing business with minimal upfront costs. Down the street from me, my neighbor, Caroline, buys, refurbishes and repairs furniture. Every so often, she’ll have a yard sale for items that are not yet sold and easily make $3k in one weekend. You may need to invest in some basic tools such as sandpaper, paint, and brushes, but these items can be purchased for a low cost. You can advertise your services on social media or locally for $0.39 cents, but word of mouth, in this business will get you very far.

House sitting: (Per Day Varies) The reason why this is on the list is. you can make money passively, house sitting while making money with other endeavors. If you are responsible and reliable, you can start a house-sitting business with little to no money. My nephew house-sits for me while he works on his graphic novel. My dog Jack adores him and they are inseparable when they are together. I feel better knowing that my dog has company when I’m traveling. Since I trust him, I’ve been spreading the word about his house-sitting. Now he gets paid to house-sit and watch over other homeowner’s homes and pets while he works on his passion projects. He’s thinking about advertising his services on social media and through word of mouth. I’ll give an update on how that’s working out for him soon.

Home organization: (Up To $375 Per Day) If you have a knack for organizing and decluttering, you can start a home organization business with little to no money. TV shows like “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” which was a big hit on Netflix, have made this type of business more respectable and profitable. This is another great service to advertise on social media or through our network for just $0.39 cents a day.

Personalized gift-making/gift baskets: (Up To $120 Per Day) This may seem a little hokey in this day and age but you’ll be surprised how much work you can get because of Amazon. People purchase gifts for their loved ones but don’t want to present them in an Amazon box. If you have a creative streak and enjoy making handmade items, you can start a personalized gift-making or gift-basket business with minimal upfront costs. People can drop off their gifts or have them sent directly to you via mail. You may need to invest in some basic supplies such as wrapping paper, ribbons, and boxes, but these items can be purchased for a low cost. Advertise your services on social media. As in other businesses listed here, word of mouth is king.

Armand Lucas

Serial entrepreneur and writer for Millennial Entrepreneur, RelyOnPros, NY Style Magazine and HomeRestored.com

Surprise! Building A Home Is Now Cheaper Than Buying An Existing House In 2023

  • Lumber prices has plummeted more than 60% last year.
  • Labor costs are higher for fixer-up home projects
  • Less labor cost on semi-custom builds this year
  • An acre of land has stabilized to less than 7k per acre in many prime locations

Why buy someone else’s idea of a home when you can have one built for you with your needs in mind? Most homes in the U.S. are over 30 years old. Some are over a century old, and prices are still appreciating in coastal states like Florida and California. The cost of maintaining and upgrading these homes can be an ongoing headache from the moment you purchase them. For many, the best option is to have a brand-new home built. But at what cost? Isn’t buying land and building a home more expensive than buying an existing home?

Lumber prices are 66% lower than last year

Remember the headlines just over a year ago? Lumber prices were so high that people were looking for other materials to build fences. Well, the cost of lumber plummeted in the middle of last year to $400 per 1,000 board feet, from $1,160. It has been a major change among home-building commodities. According to HomeAdvisor, building materials can cost 30%-50% of a home-building project. Lumber generally makes up 14%-18% of the cost of a house and is the single largest item that affects the bottom line.

According to Greg Kuta of Westline Capital, labor costs have risen in the United States for both maintenance and home-building labor, but the cost of maintaining or upgrading a home over 25 years old has risen 13% overall, while the labor to build homes has only risen 6% in the last two years. This affects the overall costs.

How to finance a new home build

You can finance a new build, but not quite in the same way as if you were buying an existing property. Instead of a mortgage, you’d take out a home construction loan—a short-term, higher-interest loan that provides the upfront capital needed to build a residential property. Borrowers give building plans, project timelines, and financials up front, and loan terms are usually one year. During this time, the house should be completed and an occupancy permit issued.

Borrowers usually pay interest only on the loan during the construction of the home. Once the building of the house is complete, the remaining principal balance is turned into a regular mortgage.

Construction costPrice range
Buying land$3,000-$150,000
Clearing land$1,500-$5,100
Plumbing installation$7,500-$15,000
Electrical wiring$20,000-$30,000
Exterior painting$1,800-$4,400
Interior finishing$50,000-$175,000
Source: HomeAdvisor

Best reasons to build a home

Avoid competing with other offers  There is no need to negotiate with other homebuyers when you build your own home. 2021 saw a difference of up to 20% higher than the asking prices. In addition, the lack of competitive bidding means that you won’t need to worry about spending too much.

Get what you really want – You can customize what you build. Instead of wishing your home had a certain type of flooring, a separate office entry, or some other special feature, you’ll be able to customize it to your exact specifications. You also won’t be limited to a specific neighborhood or location.

Wider market appeal – Ultimately, your house is an asset, and when the time comes to sell, a modern construction might provide you with a competitive edge.

Move-in ready – When your home is brand-new, you should not have to worry about costly repairs (at least at the outset). In the first year, the builder’s warranty should cover anything that may emerge.

Demolishing An Existing House? – In most cases, demolition will cost between $4 and $10 per square foot. On average, a moderate tear-down costs between $6,000 and $25,000. You should anticipate paying between $125,000 and $450,000 to demolish and rebuild the house.

Challenges:  Delays, miscommunication, and problems with subcontractors — there are plenty of hiccups that can happen while building a home. Make sure you understand your builder’s work approach and timeline and be prepared for a few speed bumps. Include the time of essence, continuous manning and right-to-remove clauses in your contract with the pro you hire — this can help protect you in the event of delays or non-performance.

Armand Lucas

Serial entrepreneur and writer for Millennial Entrepreneur, RelyOnPros, NY Style Magazine and HomeRestored.com

How “Gloating” About Your Small Business Can Make You Millions

Advertising your business on social media or search engines will not quite get you there. In most cases, you would have to spend more than a third of your business’s gross income on advertising to gain the awareness you need for your product or service to become profitable within a year. For most businesses, that is more than their net income. What you and your business need is a story. Better yet, you need a profile feature in a publication or other media outlet about you and your business that takes people on a journey through how you came up with your product or service and the trials and tribulations of getting it off the ground. A research study conducted by Ohio State University showed that having profile articles along with advertising can give a business almost six times the return on investment (ROI) than just advertising alone.

We live in an era of instant information gratification, which means that if someone is interested in purchasing a product or service, they will not be swayed by bland web pages, a few listings, and advertisements; instead, they will move on to something that will grab more of their attention with insider information about a “better customer provider” – and that’s when they come across a business story that goes far beyond their ad messages.

The human condition wants to be swayed by a story. These stories are typically handled by public relations firms that create publicity for the company and its owners. If you can’t afford the amount of money it costs to hire a PR firm, then read below for tips on what and how to do impressive PR work for yourself and your business to reap the benefits of a great story.

The Shark Tank Effect – We’ve all seen Shark Tank, or at least a few outtakes from the NBC network show where entrepreneurs demonstrate their products or services to a group of celebrity investors, hoping that one or more of them will become investors in their business venture. What most people don’t realize is that a good portion of these entrepreneurs are not really interested in having a celebrity investor mentor them or guide them in the supply chain.

Most of these savvy entrepreneurs are pretty confident about what they have already accomplished, so watching them ask for outrageous deals that get them booted from the show is actually part of their plan. Standing their ground is part of their story. These entrepreneurs paid a PR firm to get them on Shark Tank, only to fail to close a deal. This happened to Ring Doorbell. It went from being an obscure camera gimmick to being the most popular security camera in the world for the past several years with Amazon purchasing it for $1 Billion. Yet they were shunned by every celebrity investor on their Shark Tank debut.

The Millennial Way To “Gloat” For Success Another show that entrepreneurs clamor to get on is CNBC’s Make It. A cable network show with a popular YouTube following highlighting stories that are mostly about millennial entrepreneurs and how they’ve become independently wealthy against all odds with a product or service they’ve cultivated. It’s much easier to get on this show than Shark Tank, but you must have a certain amount of accomplishment in your business for them to consider you. Here’s their casting application.

Ads Are Just Reminders Of A Great Story – Now, most businesses may not have a glamorous story like Ring Doorbell but they do have a story when it comes to why they want to service their customers. A PR campaign is great for creating a storyline and inserting these stories in magazines, TV shows and websites. Potential customers and clients are reminded about the business’s story subconsciously when they come across their ads later, giving them more authority than their competitors who only advertise.

How to Become Your Own PR Rep If you can’t afford a public relations firm to help you with your story, you can reach out to online magazines and websites on your own through their social media accounts or their contact page on their website. Send them a well-written introduction about your business and why they should interview you. Depending on the publication, they may treat your inquiry as a press release and will charge a fee ranging from $250 to $4,000. Others will interview you and set up an interview. Our parent company, RelyOnPros, offers free interviews via their Q&A page. Depending on the response to your press release or interview, you may end up in one of their print publications or even on one of their magazine covers.

In summary, continuously “gloating” about your business may be the one strategy that keeps you from overspending on advertising and leaning on becoming the lead authority for your product or service. May it be locally, nationally, or worldwide. PR and advertising both support brand development and audience communication. The primary distinction between the two is that public relations outcomes earn trust and can build your authority with consumers for years, while advertising is a continuous reminder of your authority that is paid for on a regular basis.

Armand Lucas

Serial entrepreneur and writer for Millennial Entrepreneur, RelyOnPros, NY Style Magazine and HomeRestored.com

The Future of Work: From Gen-Z High Wages to Retiree Comebacks

  • Routine and mundane jobs are being eliminated by Smart Arms
  • Alternative work: A.I. and Social Media are creating Gen-Z and Millennials $200k+ jobs.
  • Ultra-efficient factories are eliminating more jobs in Asia and bringing them closer to the U.S.
  • Flexible job opportunities for retirees are fluctuating.

Surprise! This article was 30% created using artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT and Grammarly. These writing tools have cut down the time it takes for me to create an article, and they boost my productivity. But what does this have to do with fast food jobs or mundane, monotonous work, you ask? Don’t worry, We’ll get to that soon enough.

Sitting down in front of a blank screen to write an article from scratch is no different than using a hammer as your only tool to work as a carpenter. We’ll all realize soon enough that A.I. tools are here to stay to either enhance our productivity or to compete in just about every industry, no matter your age, schooling, or lack thereof.

Of course, millennials, and especially Gen-Z, are more accepting of the changes that robots, apps and A.I. tools have made to mundane or routine tasks. Artificial intelligence is being used to improve workflow for salaried and hourly paid workers, as well as entrepreneurs who want to be more efficient without the mind-numbing monotony. Gen-Zs are wondering why it’s taking so long to implement what is readily available and are ready to jump ship and create their own micro businesses. It’s not surprising why a large portion of them are becoming social media managers, with great success, and making upwards of $200k+ per year.

Here are some statistics;

  1. According to a Deloitte survey, 72% of millennials believe that automation will make their jobs more efficient.
  2. A study by Accenture found that 63% of millennials believe that automation will free up more time for them to focus on higher-value tasks.
  3. A Gallup poll revealed that 59% of millennials prefer to use apps and digital tools to communicate with their colleagues and managers, as opposed to face-to-face or over the phone.

One industry that is seeing the effects of robotics is the fast food industry. Restaurants are using robots to handle tasks such as cooking, serving food, and even taking orders. This not only helps employees by reducing the amount of physically demanding tasks, but it also helps employers by reducing labor costs. According to a study by the consulting firm McKinsey, the use of robots in the fast food industry could result in cost savings of up to 20%.

Eliminating Dangerous Fast Food Work

A.I. is also playing a growing role in the future of creative work. A.I. tools are being used to assist with tasks such as creating videos, schedules, presentations, and emails. There are several apps available that make use of A.I. for these purposes, including Rewind, Runway, Descript, and Compose AI. These apps can help individuals and businesses save time and money by automating repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on more important work.

Gigafactories are the new light industry way of production

Tesla’s Gigafactories, just like Henry Ford’s Model T assembly line a century ago, drastically changed the way workers manufactured cars by using next-level efficiency. Expect to see the same for other manufacturers of goods who realize that their employees do not have to make up the bulk of their expenses. China used to have an extremely cheap labor force that the world relied on, but now, robots can do the mundane work in Gigafactories; human workers are the problem solvers and flex workers when quick changes need to be made, meaning the U.S. and other countries can rely on their own workforce.

30 Side Hustles That Can Pay The Rent Next Month

Retirees will be asked to come back to the workforce

With all these advancements, the workforce is still shrinking too fast! Generation X and Boomers are retiring way faster than they can be replaced. In certain areas of the U.S., McDonald’s employees are making up to $32 an hour to take on busy and late-night shifts that are hard to cover because of staffing issues. This is another reason why every industry has to discuss the near future implementation of robotic labor and supplement with retirees now.

Smart arms or one-ligament robots can do mundane, routine or even dangerous work freeing up workers to do more meaningful jobs

While these advancements in technology have the potential to greatly benefit both employees and employers, it is important to consider the potential consequences. It is possible that the increased use of robots and A.I. could lead to job loss for some individuals, particularly in industries where tasks can be easily automated. As such, it is important for individuals to continuously update their skills and stay informed about the latest advancements in technology to ensure they are well-prepared for the future of work.

In conclusion, the future of work is rapidly changing and will have a significant impact on teenagers, young adults, and retirees. Robotics and A.I. are playing a growing role in many industries, with fast-food restaurants being just one example. These advancements can help employees and employers by reducing labor costs and automating repetitive tasks, but it is important to consider the potential consequences and stay informed about the latest advancements to ensure a smooth transition to the future of work.

Armand Lucas

Serial entrepreneur and writer for Millennial Entrepreneur, RelyOnPros, NY Style Magazine and HomeRestored.com

Why Creating A Micro Business Is Better Than Starting A Small Business

  • A Micro Business will always have a higher return on investment than a funded small business.
  • You can start with zero dollars and very little marketing.
  • Hourly profits can be as high as $300 an hour.
  • Websites, Coaching, Repair Services and Catering are some of the most lucrative micro businesses to start.

In most cases, a failed small business is really a profitable micro business. It’s all about how much time and resources you put into it. According to the Small Business Association, A micro business, also known as a micro-enterprise, is a small business that typically has fewer than five employees and generates less than $50,000 in annual revenue.

For some, a micro business is just another word for the phrase, “side hustle.” While it may not be as ambitious as starting a full-fledged small business, there are several reasons why creating a micro business may be a better option for most people.

Micro Businesses Have A Higher Return On Investment

For the very little amount of capital and resources you need to put into a micro business, the returns are phenomenal. You can start a micro business for little to nothing because you may already have the resources you need to get started. Second, starting a micro business allows for more flexibility and freedom. With fewer employees and a smaller revenue stream, you have the ability to be more agile and make quick decisions without the added pressure and bureaucracy of a larger business. This allows you to carve out your own path and do things on your own terms.

In addition, the cost of starting and maintaining a micro business is often much lower than that of a small business. You won’t have to worry about the overhead expenses of a physical storefront or the financial burden of hiring and training a large staff. This makes it a more feasible option for those just starting out or testing the waters of entrepreneurship.

Another benefit of a micro business is the opportunity to specialize and differentiate. In today’s crowded market, it can be difficult for small businesses to stand out. However, by focusing on a specific niche or offering unique products or services, a micro business can differentiate itself and attract a loyal customer base.

Hourly Profits Can Be As High As $300 An Hour

Most “side hustles” or micro businesses only require a few to 40 hours a month to run. Some home bakeries, consulting businesses, coaching services, appliance repair services, and other businesses make between $35 and $300 per hour. Blogging websites are the perfect micro business because, once they are built, they can make money with very little maintenance. Furthermore, because they use advertisements and affiliate marketing, it is a more passive income.

Finally, micro businesses often have a stronger sense of community and connection with their customers. As the owner and operator of a micro business, you have the opportunity to build personal relationships with your clients and offer a level of personalized service that larger businesses may not be able to provide.

In conclusion, starting a micro business may not be for everyone, but it can be a rewarding and fulfilling option for millennials looking to take control of their careers and make a name for themselves in the business world. If you have a passion or talent that you want to turn into a business, consider starting a micro business and see where it takes you.

Armand Lucas

Serial entrepreneur and writer for Millennial Entrepreneur, RelyOnPros, NY Style Magazine and HomeRestored.com

5 Ways to Turn Your Old Car into a Passive Income Machine

Are you looking for ways to earn passive income from your old car? Look no further! Here are five creative ways to make money from your vehicle without putting in too much effort:

Rent Out Your Vehicle To Rideshare Drivers

If your car has seen better days and appears worn, but it still runs well, you should rent it out through HyreCar: This service allows you to rent out your car to ride-sharing drivers that make deliveries for services like DoorDash and Uber Eats when you’re not using it. By signing up with HyreCar, you can earn passive income from your car without having to do much work. The amount you can earn will depend on the demand for your car in your area and the duration of the rental period. On average, car owners on HyreCar can earn around $500 to $1,000 per month. Liability insurance to cover any damages to your vehicle while it’s being driven by someone else is included.

Rent Out Your Vehicle To high-end Drivers

If your car is 12 years old or less and in pretty good condition, then placing it on Turo is the way to go: Turo is a peer-to-peer car rental platform that allows you to rent out your car to travelers and tourists in your area. This can be a good way to earn passive income from your car, especially if you live in a popular vacation destination. The amount you can earn will depend on the demand for your car in your area and the duration of the rental period. On average, car owners on Turo can earn around $600 to $1,200 per month.

Renting out your car as a film prop

If you live in an area with a thriving film industry, you may be able to rent out your car as a prop for movies and television shows. This can be a good way to earn passive income from your car without having to do much work. The amount you can earn will depend on the demand for your car in your area and the duration of the rental period. On average, car owners who rent out their cars as film props can earn around $200 to $700 per month.

Special Event Renting

Renting out your car for special events: You may be able to rent out your car for special events like weddings, proms, and other formal occasions. This can be an excellent way to earn passive income from your vehicle, especially if you live in a popular event destination. The amount you can earn will depend on the demand for your car in your area and the duration of the rental period. On average, car owners who rent out their cars for special events can earn around $200 to $650 per month.

Wrap Your Car In Ads and Get Paid To run Your Own Errands

Renting out your car as an advertising space: You may be able to earn passive income from your car by renting out the space on it as an advertising platform. Companies may be willing to pay to have their advertisements displayed on your car as you drive around town. The amount you can earn will depend on the demand for your car in your area and the duration of the rental period. On average, car owners who rent out their cars as advertising spaces can earn around $2500 to $1,300 per month.

As you can see, there are many creative ways to make passive income from your old car. Whether you’re interested in renting it out through HyreCar, Turo, or as a film prop or special event vehicle, there are plenty of options to choose from. So why not put your car to work and start earning passive income today?

Armand Lucas

Serial entrepreneur and writer for Millennial Entrepreneur, RelyOnPros, NY Style Magazine and HomeRestored.com