3 Months to Tokyo: Saving $24 Daily for an Anime and Mario Go-Kart Journey

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Are you dreaming of zipping through the vibrant streets of Tokyo, experiencing the thrills of Mario Go-Kart racing? What if I told you that with a little planning and some fun side gigs, this dream could be your reality in just three months? Let’s break it down: by saving just $24 a day, you can gather enough funds for an unforgettable Tokyo adventure.

The Goal: $2,160 in 90 Days Our target is to hit $2,160 in three months, covering your flight, accommodation, Mario Go-Kart experience, and some extra spending money for exploring Tokyo.


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Expense CategoryEstimated Cost (USD)Details
Round-trip Flight$900 – $1,070Based on current prices for a round-trip flight from Orlando to Tokyo
Accommodation (5 nights)$450 – $750Assuming a mid-range hotel at approximately $100 to $150 per night
Mario Go-Kart Racing$70 – $100Cost for a typical Mario Go-Kart experience in Tokyo
Daily Expenses$250 – $500Approx. $50 to $100 per day for food, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses
Total Estimated Cost$1,670 – $2,420A sum of all the above expenses
These costs are approximate and can vary based on individual preferences, booking times, and any changes in pricing. The total estimated cost is a range, accounting for different options and spending habits.

Saving Money For Travel Tips To Tokyo: Saving $24 a day means keeping a keen eye on your expenses. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Cook at home instead of dining out.
  • Opt for public transport over personal vehicles.
  • Limit non-essential purchases like that extra coffee.

Your Tokyo Itinerary: A Dream in Motion Now that you’re on your way to saving, let’s talk about what awaits in Tokyo:

  • Explore Akihabara: Dive into the heart of Tokyo’s electronic and gaming culture.
  • Mario Go-Kart Experience: Zoom through the streets dressed as your favorite character.
  • Savor Japanese Cuisine: From sushi to ramen, your taste buds are in for a treat.

Akihabara is a popular destination for Otakus, with numerous shops selling anime, manga, and video games. We recommend visiting on Sundays when the main street closes to car traffic, making it easier to walk around. There are also numerous electronics stores, including the 9-floor Yodobashi Camera and small one-person stalls.

Four Side Gigs to Fuel Your Tokyo Trip

Tutoring: Knowledge for Cash If you have expertise in a particular subject, tutoring could be a lucrative option. Websites like Tutor.com or even local community boards can help you find students. The flexibility of scheduling and the satisfaction of helping others make this a fulfilling side gig.

Dog Walking: Paws for Cash Love pets? Dog walking is a great way to earn extra cash. Platforms like Rover or Wag connect you with pet owners in your area. It’s not just good for your wallet but also for your health!

Uber Driving: On-the-Go Earnings Uber drivers make half of what they used to make a few years ago, but even after the cost of gas and general maintenance, you can earn $24 in less than 90 minutes of driving. You can earn money while exploring your city, whether it is early in the morning or late at night.

Freelance Writing: Words That Pay With websites like Upwork or Freelancer, you can dive into freelance writing. Whether it’s blog posts, articles, or copywriting, your words can open a world of opportunities. The best part? You can write from anywhere, anytime.

Finally, Tokyo Is Calling! With these side hustles and money-saving ideas, you are not only planning a trip; you are preparing for an incredible journey. So, get to planning and start hustling, and before you know it, you will be living the Tokyo dream!

Armand Lucas http://RelyOnPros.com

I write for Millennial Entrepreneur as a serial entrepreneur myself in several ventures. My goal in writing is to teach new and established entrepreneurs that life is not about becoming rich; it's about creating the time and space to enrich one's life.

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