Learn The Fight Game To Become A Well Paid Promoter Or A Hot Ticket Fighter


Download Now, Because The Fight Game Is More Than Just A Game, It’s An Entrepreneurs Playground Where You Are A Fighter Both In And Out Of The Ring. No Other Athletic Sport Is Built Like Boxing & MMA. Your Grind Can Give You Meteoric Results And Your Team Is Your Very Own Corner. We’ve Highlighted The Story Of Corey Marksman As He Starts His Rise Through The Ranks. He Created A Marketing MachineThat Paid Him Before He Even Got Into The Ring. We’ve Also Included Articles For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Understand How To Become A Professional Boxer As Well As Articles On Becoming A Licensed Promoter.



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This issue of Millennial Entrepreneur was inspired by Corey Marksman and his manager and father, Angus Marksman. We are all used to hearing stories about athletes who, against all odds, “make it”. Corey’s story is different. He is one of the rare athletes who understand that he needs to market himself and not wait for promoters or any other individual to get him where he wants to go. Corey Marksman created a marketing engine within his social media accounts that helped him make as much money in his debut ranking fight as the headliners. Read his story and maybe you will be inspired to create your own marketing engine to get what you need from your career.

You’ll notice that we added articles about how to become a fight promoter as well as how to become a professional boxer. This is not the only time we are going to delve into the arena of boxing and MMA but this issue definitely gets to the core of the fight game and what you need, step by step if you want this to be a career move.



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